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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extrusion of the material

It's possible with gore-tex as well but in case of infection after an operation using silicone a problem like the picture(arrow)may occur. It's hard to correct completely like its own skin in this case. To avoid such problem an implant shouldn't be used all the way until the nasal tip. Personally I think that especially medpore that is used like a bone or L-shaped silicone for the tip is not appropriate. In case of infection it's important to remove the material promptly. In our clinic we don't let the material for more than 7 days. Usually we treat the patient with antibiotics for 5 days including other injections but if the infection seems to continue then we remove the material right away.
Infection occurs at 1% and there is no way to gurantee a 100% safe operation. However it's important to operate avoiding infection as much as possible and in case of infection a prompt treatment is necessary.

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