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Since 1995, doing nasal cosmetic surgery / The president of the Korea Society of Aesthetic surgery convention (2006)
Performing more than 15,000 nasal cosmetic surgeries / The president of ASACS (Asian Society of Asian cosmetic surgery) /
Publishing seven textbooks for medical college being(as for Rhinoplasty)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Introducing Shimmian Clinic, one of the most well-known Rhinoplasty

I’m here to provide you with information about Shimmian Clinic in South Korea. It is located at 6th exit of Gangnam Station. Once you get out of the exit, you will face a building on your left. After that, you go up to 6th floor, and you will be at the entrance of Shimmian clinic. Not only Koreans but also a number of foreigner patients visit Shimmian. Dr. Dong-Hak Jung, the direct of the hospital, had been performing rhinoplasty for more than 28 years. Also, all of the medical teams here are otolaryngologists.

It’s pretty difficult choosing which plastic surgery to go, considering that there are a number of different and great hospitals. I believe this post would help you with that. Shimmian clinic is being acknowledged by many plastic surgeons, because it’s specialty is rhinoplasty. Dr. Jung is so famous in his area that people probably had heard of his name, when it is about rhinoplasty.

Changing the shape of your face isn’t a simple work. Making a sharp nose and lifting the end of your nose only doesn’t complete the work. What’s important is that you make your nose suit your face. Since there are so many different types of faces, doctors are trying to make the best result by having a meeting with patients and researching based on their experience.

You are allowed to take a look at before-after pictures taken by clicking on the link below. If you look for further information, you may visit and schedule a meeting with doctors or just email them. Shimmian clinic considers safety of patients extremely important. They also try to help patients overcome their own trauma or wounds. The anesthesiologist makes sure your body condition is normal and if there is any trouble while proceeding surgery. Safety system is all installed in order to prevent any dangers from happening.


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