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Since 1995, doing nasal cosmetic surgery / The president of the Korea Society of Aesthetic surgery convention (2006)
Performing more than 15,000 nasal cosmetic surgeries / The president of ASACS (Asian Society of Asian cosmetic surgery) /
Publishing seven textbooks for medical college being(as for Rhinoplasty)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why Shimmian?

Why Shimmian? Well, there are 3 reasons – 1. Shimmian had been performing rhinoplasty for more than 28 years. 2. Rhinoplasty specially suits your face. 3. Shimmian promise the safety and beauty.
Out of all plastic surgeries at Gangnam, Shimmian has been very famous for its rhinoplasty. The reason is that doctors focus on the most natural beauty of patients’ nose. Shimmian had been able to keep its title as “Rhinoplasty surgery” because of Dr. Jung, who has been the expert of rhinoplsaty. Dr. Jung is one of the reasons shimmian could have the reputation.
Dr. Dong-Hak Jung is so famous in his area that anyone interested in rhinoplasty would have heard of his name. He shows outstanding skills, based on his tremendous efforts and passion. He and other doctors try their best to satisfy the patients, when they visit for surgery or a meeting.
Dr. Jung’s rhinoplasty had been praised by the previous visitors and those of nowadays. If you want to get to know about rhinoplasty, you are to come to the 6th exit of Gangnam station. You may also look for information at the link below.
We are SHIMMIAN Clinic which is located in South Korea (Seoul - Gangnam) If you have any question around Rhinoplasty don't hesitate to ask us by phone or email below, we are ready to help you and answer any question of your's.
(e-mail : nosejung@gmail.com / Tel : +82-10-8844-7095 / Kakaotalk ID : atwater123 / Line ID : nayajjang / Wechat ID : atwater123)

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