About Dr.Jung

Since 1995, doing nasal cosmetic surgery / The president of the Korea Society of Aesthetic surgery convention (2006)
Performing more than 15,000 nasal cosmetic surgeries / The president of ASACS (Asian Society of Asian cosmetic surgery) /
Publishing seven textbooks for medical college being(as for Rhinoplasty)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Shimmian Safety System

Shimmian's Exclusive Safety System

We provide our safe operation system based on trust with our customers -
Our doctors are ready to care for you, 
from the very first beginning to the last second.

We have...

Medical Team with wide experience.
With full 25 years experience in rhinoplasty, 
we have the best medical team for your nose.
Participated in numerous conferences including experiences 
teaching domestic and foreign doctors.

Anesthesia Center
With our anesthesia specialist doctor, we do anesthesia one by one.
That's why we can cope immediately and safely regarding any situations.

Recovery Management System
For your fast recovery, we have high-pressure oxygen recovery and swelling management system.

Foreign Customer Service
Translation service: English, Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese
Pickup Service: Free pickup service from airport to our clinic
(If reserved in advance)
Hotel Reservation Service

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