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Since 1995, doing nasal cosmetic surgery / The president of the Korea Society of Aesthetic surgery convention (2006)
Performing more than 15,000 nasal cosmetic surgeries / The president of ASACS (Asian Society of Asian cosmetic surgery) /
Publishing seven textbooks for medical college being(as for Rhinoplasty)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Successful Nose Revision

Successful Nose Revision 

For a successful nose revision and nose job,
you need to choose the right material and method for you,
and most importantly you have to choose the right clinic.

Many of our customers come to our clinic by 
recommendations of other hospitals and acquaintances.
It can also mean that Shimmian has a high reputation for reliability and satisfaction.

Post-surgery services are things you shouldn't miss if you want
a successful nose revision and nose job.
Shimmian provides a post-operation management system for fast recovery.

We also have our anesthesia specialist doctor, 
monitoring live in time for safe anesthesia,
and also to cope with various situations that can occur.

We offer you to have your nose done in Shimmian,
supported by our wide experience in Rhinoplasty!

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